“LIDER” Session

waffle house sessionThe HCCA had an inspirational “LIDER” session at the Waffle House headquarters: 4 Senior Executives, 2 flourishing Superstars & a dynamic array of life lessons. We all left inspired & grateful for the heartfelt care. Here are some of the golden nuggets shared:

  • The more money you earn, the more people will come w/ ideas to separate you from your funds.
  • You have to own & drive your financial journey. Discern thoroughly on your financial decisions because there are no shortcuts to gaining valuable knowledge.
  • Don’t swim upstream. You will accomplish more by maximizing your strengths.
  • Debt is true bondage. Don’t be house-rich & cash poor.
  • Most folks that make $80k believe they have the right to spend $90k.
  • You cannot spend yourself into wealth.
  • If you think “I have to pay my bills” you will remain poor; the rich think about cash flow.