HCCA 3rd Quarterly Meeting – Hosted by SunTrust

The 3rd HCCA Quarterly Meeting was hosted at SunTrust headquarters by Margaret Callihan (Chief HR Officer) and Kim Fleming (SVP Talent & Performance Mng).  79 Affinity Group  leaders representing 37 corporations, were inspired by these powerful golden nuggets of wisdom:

  1. Strategically leak into your dialogue w/ your leader, the impact you are having… instead of bluntly bragging about your contribution.
  2. Even if you don’t reach the desired goal, discern & learn from the experience. Master the art of failing-forward!”
  3. Prove your grit! Leaders are recognized through adversity.
  4. Doing your job does NOT secure you a promotion. You have to push beyond the call of duty. What can do you to plus-it?”


Tech Leadership Luncheon w/ 3Ci

HCCA Leaders attended a gathering for ~100 tech-leaders. The event was graciously hosted by at Villa Christina. Basketball legend Dominque Wilkins and author of “The Perfect Plan” Don Baden, shared several golden nuggets: ” Don’t compete with others; compete with yourself. If you can master the art of becoming a man or women first, the game is easy. Help kids realize that they are called to develop the highest levels of integrity & virtues. Because ultimately, #Leadership is all about #Respect.”